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Chief Data & Analytics Officers, APEX Winter

January 22-24 2020, Orlando, Florida

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2019 Attendee Testimonials:

Frederique De Letter - Dominos
“A lot of my focus is on how to monetize on data as a competitive advantage for the company. This intimate gathering provided a lot of opportunities to collaborate and exchange ideas with peers in an informal setting, and truly cut through the noise in terms of what is real and what is not real in terms of what they are doing.”

- Fred De Letter, Director, BI & Enterprise Information Management, Dominos

Sunpreet Singh - Wayfair
“CDAO, APEX is the best event format I've seen. An intimate setting like this allows you to have meaningful interactions where you can actually exchange ideas, listen to what people are doing, talk about the problems you are facing, really have a one-to-one conversation and build relationships that typically don't happen at large scale events.”

- Sunpreet Singh, Head of Analytics, Wayfair

Kamayini Kaul- BMS
“This is a very congenial crowd. It's the right size and the right mindset of people, its leaders from their respective industries and vantage points. The CDAO, APEX event cohesively brings together both sides of the house in terms of the analytics side and the data side. From our vantage point, and the way BMS use it, the two have to go hand in glove. To come to this event, strike up individual conversations and exchange promises of reconnecting to continue the conversation has been the most appealing part for me! I would say I've made some extremely valuable connections from both within and outside my industry, including the partner ecosystems that we need to work with. This is an atmosphere where you can really start to let down some boundaries and gaurds, and all in a venue and setting such as this is very compelling.”

- Kamayini Kaul, Head of Enterprise Data Lakes and Integrations, BMS

Michael Ricci - CIO at Massachusetts Eye and Ear
“We met some really great people here. I think the folks in healthcare have been really helpful but even the folks outside of healthcare I've talked with have given us key insights as to how they are dealing with the data. It really does cross-industries which is interesting, and fun!”

- Michael Ricci, Chief Information Officer, Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Larry Shiller - Rising Stars Foundation
“It has been wonderful to meet with experts in the fields of data & analytics, to learn the latest breakthroughs on innovations, and also to learn what's not working.”

- Larry Shiller, Chief Data Officer, Rising Stars Foundation

Veena Nayak - University of Phoenix
“I didn’t know what to expect and I was very pleasantly surprised. I really liked that is was an intimate group of people with similar challenges to mine. Everyone here is so passionate about finding solutions. I've had great engagement, great conversations, and hopefully a great network to use and leverage as we all are solving problems for our companies.”

- Veena Nayak, VP of Data Strategy and Solutions, University of Phoenix

Bruce Schinelli - TTX
“I found CDAO, APEX to be very interesting and engaging. The quality of discussions has been outstanding. I think the people that are here are very knowledgeable in the analytics space, certainly around some of the topics that everyone is looking into such as machine learning. It's been extremely valuable to be here.”

- Bruce Schinelli, Chief Information Officer, TTX

David Hopewell - Transamerica
“I thought it was a very interesting agenda. There are some great solution providers here, so I got to pick some vendor meetings, which I really appreciated and the topics are absolutely spot on, for what is going on right now. So, a great fit for my business and personal interest.”

- David Hopewell, Chief Data & Innovation Officer, Transamerica

Jason Johns - Tibco
“The quality of conversations that we are having here are really difficult to ascertain anywhere else.”

- Jason Johns, Global VP Partners & Alliances, Tibco

Joel Horwitz - Wandisco
“We sell a very elegant solution for a challenging problem and need to be in the conversation at the right moment at the right time with these decision-makers. The CDAO, APEX format has been really useful, relaxed, and laid back. There is a lot of time for people to interact so it doesn’t feel like you are overwhelmed with presentations and trying to hustle from one place to the next.”

- Joel Horwitz, SVP of Marketing, Wandisco

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